Political parties from Malaya are not welcome to interfere with the affairs of people of Sarawak, especially, concerning immigration matters and allowing foreigners to seek refuge here. There is no reason to accept refugees in Sarawak. We need to take care of our own poor. It is not easy to give food and accommodation to refugees and we should not accommodate them.

Sarawak belongs to Sarawakians and it is regretted that Ketua Pemuda Umno, Dr Mohamad Akmal Saleh, was not sensitive to the rights of Sarawakians in protecting their land.

Sarawak government has the control of immigration matters under the Immigration Act and Sarawak government should not allow foreigners including Palestine and Israelites who are facing the war now to seek refuge in Sarawak.

The demands by Datuk Alexander Nanta not to welcome Palestine refugees to come here is supported by Parti Bumi Kenyalang.

The UMNO Youth Chief Dr Muhamed Akmal Salleh should apologise to the people of Sarawak for not sensitive to the rights of the people here.

We had seen enough trouble in Borneo about foreginers and illegal immigrants coming here. They caused lots of trouble to us.

Be reminded SARAWAK is not a dumping ground for trouble makers. Who started the war and want war have to pay the price. They have to solve their own problems and should not call international community to assist them. For those who are supporting the war, by all means not to shout here but go to the war zone and fight your war with whom you support.

To start war is easy but to stop war is difficult. To get yourself engaged in a war is also a stupid thing and they have to take responsibility of their own actions. But a country under we attack has a right to self defense under international law and their actions must be within the boundaries of international law.

PBK condemns the war between Israel and Hamas. In a war, no body wins, but dead bodies and destruction of property.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang
14 November 2023

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