Voonls18apr21If GPS is desirous to be in the federal cabinet, it is no point to just make up the numbers in the federal cabinet, enjoying air-conditioned room and sipping coffee with other ministers.

GPS government needs to know that a strong federal government occupied by ministers from Malaya will not give a good bargaining power to Sarawak. Now, both UMNO and Pakatan Harapan hope GPS can join to them form the federal government with both offering Deputy Prime Minister’s post to Sarawak after elections are over.

A Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) is not what Sarawak should want when matters will still be controlled by Malaya. By not honouring equal partnership in federal government, we shall always be treated as a colony of Malaya. If UMNO and PH are serious of sharing power with GPS government at federal level, then, GPS government should demand the position of prime minister be given to Sarawak. To do justice, GPS government should demand besides the post of prime minister, the post of finance minister and home minister to be given to Sarawak.

The post of prime minister is important because it is the prime minister that controls and directs the functions of other ministers and ministries. Again, the prime minister cannot function, if he cannot get help from the finance minister to ensure funds are released for projects allocated to Sarawak. UMNO and PH should realize that Sarawakians make better finance minister. The record is there. We have strong financial health with huge reserves in the bank. It is my personal opinion that Malayans had not been able to produce capable finance ministers because they were not able to keep inflation in check and the country is in debt. Our ringgit is weak and very weak compared to Singapore.

Sarawak should also be given the post of home minister to ensure country will be peaceful with no religious extremism and racialism sprouting in the country that can disrupt development.
Without these powerful posts, Sarawak’s presence in the federal cabinet will be for window dressing only.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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