Ling’s claim that local opposition parties have done less than DAP’s 44 years’ presence in Sarawak is a direct attempt to claim victory for a long lost battle by DAP in Sarawak.

Let me easily qualify that by saying that since 2016 when I stood in my first DUN elections as a local party candidate, we were the first to publicly and loudly educate Sarawakians on MA63. We pushed on our agenda to recognise Sarawak as an equal partner of Malaysia and even challenged DAP’s Ling Kit Siang to confirm as to whether he supported or objected to the demotion of Sarawak from NEGARA to NEGERI in 1974. We are still awaiting his confirmation as to where he stood then.

Since 2016, we have continued to push for Sarawak’s right with the culmination in PRN12 of our call to Merdeka for Sarawak. We were openly harassed by authorities and even threatened with imprisonment on many an occasion.

In fact, DAP’s own MP for Lanang YB Alice Lau Cheng Yien asked of the then PM Tun Mahatir as to how to deal with Sarawakians who were shouting for independence. Tun Mahatir replied with a threat of imprisonment under the Sedition Act! Was DAP looking after Sarawak by threatening her?

In direct reply to DAP’s Alan Ling, I believe history and facts do not lie. DAP with PH has proven to Sarawak and all voters that they can ever so easily, with the wave of their pen, sign over Malaysia’s premiership to a “PH FOE” and stood by quietly while this “PH FOE” accepted frogs from UMNO & subsequently gave the voters the biggest slap across the face when they willingly allowed the “PH FOE” to dissolve the PH government. So the story ends for DAP & PH.

Oh yes, let’s not forget about the Petronas court case against Sarawak by the then 20 day old PH government. Did DAP object then or were they showing Sarawak their TRUE colors?

There are many more instances where DAP has failed to protect or even try to protect or even try to understand how to protect Sarawak.

The local opposition parties have come into being BECAUSE DAP cannot be entrusted to look after Sarawak anymore. Why do we need Malayan representatives in Sarawak?

Aren’t we always talking about Borneonisation of the Borneo territories? So let’s start now.

The local opposition parties have heard the voters and have put aside our differences whilst grabbing on to the biggest common factor as between us and that is WE ARE SARAWAKIANS first and foremost & WE SHALL REPRESENT EACH OF US SARAWAKIANS because every decision the local opposition parties make affect you, Sarawak, and affects me, a Sarawakian.

Vote OUT DAP & Vote IN local opposition parties like PBK, PSB & PBDS this GE15.

Sarawak let’s stand together to show the Malayans that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, we SARAWAK CAN PROTECT OURSELVES.

Priscilla Lau
Secretary General & Lawyer
Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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