Voonls18apr21Many leaders in PBB/GPS including ministers asked why should PBK fight when no chance of winning? Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) just have to fight the way PBK can. Although with very limited resources and manpower, PBK. still won't give up. It is big task and difficult mission for PBK and I hope the general public know the hearts of PBK in fighting for the people of Sarawak.

This is in the hope that a day will come that people realise that dignity, freedom and independence are important than give-outs or assistance from people in power.

The problem about our rural voters mostly is that being too poor, like past elections, they always vote for candidate and party that can give to them free chicken wings, beers, some money songs and dance.

The fear is also that PBK may have supporters who will not be able to go to vote when they're drunk and too happy with the free flow of beer and chicken wings.

My assesment is that rural people are happy of immediate relief and not long term benefit.

When thrown to them some money, they are happy and those who can give them money are loved and revered.

In politics, there is no free lunch. It is free lunch that caused our people to lose their rights and property. They become "sheep" to be slaughtered by the shepherds that fed them.

Not until this culture could be stopped or people know that drink and get drunk are the cause of their poverty and neglect by their elected governments and representatives, rural people will suffer for many decades to come. To keep them poor is a strategy that works to keep unscrupulous politicians and governments in power in the past since MALAYSIA came into existence.

After elections are over, rural people normally will start to complain again about no water, electricity, poor roads and no clinics in their areas besides the loss of their land and polluted rivers.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang


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Parti Bumi Kenyalang is a multi-racial political party in Sarawak and having an achievable mission :"IN QUEST OF INDEPENDENCE".

We plan to field 82 candidates in the coming Sarawak Election. We are not taking any donations but your gifts in appreciation of our struggles are appreciated. 

肯雅兰全民党是砂拉越的多元种族政党,其使命是可实现的:“追求独立之路”。我们计划在即将到来的砂拉越大选中派出82名候选人,因此我们需要砂拉越人民和海外支持者在经济上以财礼(gift) 方式来支援我们。

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