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肯雅兰之声是由一群关心砂拉越的未来发展的砂拉越人发起,目的是尽量为砂拉越人民提供即时的有关砂拉越的发展消息,一起从古至今了解砂拉越事实情况并探讨砂拉越未来的路何去何从。 砂拉越和沙巴人民最关心的是建立马来西亚的国际公约,就是马来西亚公约1963 (MA63)。这公约说明了马来西亚是由三邦成立,三邦就是砂拉越,沙巴和马来亚。没有砂拉越和沙巴就没有马来西亚。没有“马来西亚公约1963”也就没有马来西亚。


This website is established by a group of concern Sarawakian with the aim to provide latest news of Sarawak. Learning from the past and charting new path for the future. Sabah and Sarawak people main concern is the restoration of Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) which had been properly registered at United Nation (UN), and MA63 is the foundation of formation of Malaysia. During formation of Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya are equal partners therefore any ACTS, laws, regulation and policies passed in parliament (with the intention to restrict or nullify full function of Malaysia Agreement 1963)  are illegal and therefore are against the very foundation of formation of Malaysia at the disadvantage of Sarawak and Sabah with the intention to remove equal partners status of Sarawak and Sabah making Sabah and Sarawak one of the states in Malaysia.

Voonls Ps2sep21Many Sarawakians, politicians , academicians and professors had misled the whole world, to say Sarawak was granted independence on 22 July 1963 when Dato Stephen Kalong Ningkan was appointed by the colonial governor to be the First Sarawak Chief Minister. Ningkan had a high stake to see Malaysia has to be formed because if formed, he could be First Sarawak Chief Minister.

Unaware of the moves by certain quarters including Kuala Lumpur, Ningkan infact, was not favoured to be the First Chief Minister of Sarawak. Ningkan tenure as Chief Minister was short lived. Ironically, it was his good friend, Tun Jugah Barieng helped to file a petition to the First Sarawak Governor Tun Hj Openg to dismissed him from his Chief Ministership.

Kuala Lumpur (Malaya) a foreign country, interfered with internal politics of Sarawak. "KL leaders deeply distrusted Ningkan and thought that he was a quite unsuitable choice for Chief Minister and that they had the right to nominate members of the state government "as they were taking over". Malayan leaders were resentful that "Ningkan had been forced upon them.." Please see pages 60 -61 Deals Datus And Dayaks by Prof.Michael Leigh.

Sarawak never was granted independence by UK, not even one minute! There was no legal document or instrument handed by the United Kingdom nor by the British Colonial Governor to say that Sarawak was granted independence or self-government by the British although the British governor said he would abide with decisions of the Supreme Council (Sarawak Cabinet)

All Members of the Supreme Council were appointed by the colonial governor Sir Alexander Waddell.

Since 2016, 22 July had been celebrated as Sarawak Day.Certain activists have gone on to claim 22 July 1963 as the date of Sarawak's independence. That claims requires careful examination, as the British governor remained in absolute control through 31 August 1963.

The British governor continued to prudently exercise authority on what had been agreed by the Intergovernmental Committee (IGC) to be federal matters until Malaysia came into being on 16 September 1963. It was on that date the Union Jack no longer flew over the ASTANA.

The book, Deals, Datus And Dayaks at page 64 concerning the anger of Tunku Abdul Rahman of UK granting self-governance to British Prime Minister, Sir Harold MacMillian, disclosed a telegram from the High Commissioner in Kuala Lumpur mentioned that powers in the Borneo Territories (Sabah and Sarawak) would remained with the respective British Governor until Malaysia Day. Therefore, where is the legal instrument for self-government granted to Sabah and Sarawak?

Britain could only grant independence to her colonies by an Act of Parliament, called Independence Act. The date for the formation of Malaysia was set on 31 August 1963 but when the day came, Lee Kuan Yew, unilaterally proclaimed independence for Singapore, the Secretary of Colonies, Lord Selkirk responded in a telegram CO 1030/1465 No.372 dated 1 September 1963 and made it clear that, "That a grant of independence to a territory under British Sovereignty requires an Act of Parliament at Westminster"

He further said, "The British Malaysia Act (which comes into force on 16th September) provides for the transfer of British sovereignty over Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak to the new Federation of Malaysia but does not provide for the separate independence of these territories."

Therefore, the gazette of 722 by TS Adenan Satem was nothing more, but a shrewd political strategy to win elections and to stay in power. It is perhaps, that the truth that 722 was never the day Sarawak been granted independence and neither was it a day Sarawak been granted self-rule or self-government, the present GPS government had no choice but to avoid embarrassment, regazetted 722 as Sarawak Day. If it was truly correct that 722 was Sarawak Independence Day, then there is no reason for the GPS government changed 722 to Sarawak Day. If 722 was correct for Sarawak being granted independence, Parti Bumi Kenyalang would not insist in its struggle for Sarawak independence.

722 been regazetted by GPS government as Sarawak Day has no political, cultural or historical significance at all as it does not teach the younger generations what the British did on that day, except, the fact that Ningkan was appointed as Chief Minister of Sarawak by the British Governor Sir Alexander Waddell

Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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