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肯雅兰之声是由一群关心砂拉越的未来发展的砂拉越人发起,目的是尽量为砂拉越人民提供即时的有关砂拉越的发展消息,一起从古至今了解砂拉越事实情况并探讨砂拉越未来的路何去何从。 砂拉越和沙巴人民最关心的是建立马来西亚的国际公约,就是马来西亚公约1963 (MA63)。这公约说明了马来西亚是由三邦成立,三邦就是砂拉越,沙巴和马来亚。没有砂拉越和沙巴就没有马来西亚。没有“马来西亚公约1963”也就没有马来西亚。


This website is established by a group of concern Sarawakian with the aim to provide latest news of Sarawak. Learning from the past and charting new path for the future. Sabah and Sarawak people main concern is the restoration of Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) which had been properly registered at United Nation (UN), and MA63 is the foundation of formation of Malaysia. During formation of Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak and Malaya are equal partners therefore any ACTS, laws, regulation and policies passed in parliament (with the intention to restrict or nullify full function of Malaysia Agreement 1963)  are illegal and therefore are against the very foundation of formation of Malaysia at the disadvantage of Sarawak and Sabah with the intention to remove equal partners status of Sarawak and Sabah making Sabah and Sarawak one of the states in Malaysia.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang concerned about Sarawak oil and gas revenue

The late CM Tan Sri Adenan Satem gazetted July 22 as Sarawak Independence Day in 2016 although Sarawak was not independent yet. This 722 date has no significance at all unless Sarawak truly is independent from the federation of Malaysia.

Independence is allowed under international law and also allowed under United Nations General Assembly Resolution 1514 and it is right that CM and GPS government fight for it.

The Chief Minister and leaders of GPS government should pressure the PN government to grant Sarawak independence now. It is the best time for CM to act because the position of PN government is very weak.

If PM disagrees to allow Sarawak to exit, CM with state Cabinet ministers who are now in KL can always shift their support to PH and to demand exit from the federation too.

If PN and PH would not support Sarawak independence, there is nothing for CM to take steps to declare independence unilaterally in Dewan Undangan Negri after that. This was how Kosovo did and gained independence from Serbia. International Court of Justice opined that the unilateral Declaration of Independence by Kosovo in Kosovo Assembly in 2008 was valid and legal under international law.

If GPS government fails or refuses to take this opportunity to exit from Malaysia, there is no reason for Sarawakians to continue to support the Chief Minister and the GPS government.

CM must understand that GPS government was not elected by the people. It was a government that rode on the popularity and charisma of TS Adenan Satem.

The leadership of Abg Zohari Tun Openg as Chief Minister capable to win elections is yet to be tested.

722 is meaningless if GPS follow TS Adenan to chose Sarawak to remain in Malaysia. 722 should not be gazetted as Sarawak Independence Day and should be gazetted as In Quest Of Independence Day so that Sarawakians should not be misled. We cannot, what lawyers used to say, put the cart before the horse.

CM should be mindful that after being exposed by Parti Bumi Kenyalang, Sarawakians now know and are angry that Sarawak has lost 850,000 barrels of crude oil pumped by Petronas everyday and that this is a huge loss of wealth drained away from Sarawak.

Sarawakians also know by being in Malaysia, Sarawak has lost her territories, territorial waters and marine wealth. Sarawakians also know the lost of Sarawak’s NCR land to powerful individuals and companies from Malaya.

The loss of territories, territorial waters, territorial land, oil and gas will be determining factors whether GPS government will stay in power or not in the coming Sarawak Elections.

GPS is reminded that caused by GPS government's weaknesses in protecting Sarawak's resources from being taken by Malaya, Parti Bumi Kenyalang is very eager and serious to take over the Sarawak government in coming elections and to put all wrongs right.

We are also asking the government what happened to the balance of about RM630 billion owed by Petronas to Sarawak government from oil mined by Petronas from 1976 to 2017 as disclosed by Law de facto Minister, Datuk Sharifah Hasidah Sayeed Aman Ghazali in Sun Daily dated 02 February 2020? Has the sum owed been collected or paid by Petronas?

Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang
13 August 2021

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