Is there a Referendum Act or Ordinance? If there is no such Referendum Act, isn’t it necessary to table and pass the Act in the parliament or DUN first?

Will the federal government or Sarawak government do it while bringing undesirable challenges to their authority?

 If there is this Referendum Act, the results of the referendum will affect the benefits that federal government receive from Sarawak. Will they misuse their political position and authority and the charm of money during the independence referendum to influence the results and make majority Sarawakians "obedient" and vote to stay in Malaysia. When this happened, the people of Sarawak will be dumb and fall silent. When the referendum result of "Stay in Malaysia" comes out, will you be wronged for the rest of your life and your children and grandchildren to be the state or Wilayah citizens?

The regime is in power, with strong material and financial resources, and if the independence referendum is conducted by them, will the independence referendum be fairly conducted?

 There may be smart people who say, let the United Nations host the independence referendum. However, under what reason would the United Nations come to Malaysia to intervene in Sarawak’s affairs, which is not justifiable? Unless the Sarawak government unilaterally declares independence and informs the United Nations, the United Nations will then send troops to maintain order, and the United Nations then in position to hold a referendum on independence. But if the Sarawak government has unilaterally declared independence, does it still need an independence referendum? Isn’t it just like taking off your pants and fart?

 Some political analyst feel that those who promote the "independence referendum movement" are likely “friends” of those in power who are disrupting the independence movement. Whether it is true or not only time will tell. There is a big difference between the theory and reality of conducting independence referendum.



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