Dr. Mahathir as mentioned in Malaysiakini is now worried that the Chinese may migrate and this could affect the economy

The robbers are few, the poor and hungry are plenty. It is time now the robbers have to be like Robin Hood - to give back what they had robbed to the poor and the hungry.

Dr. Mahathir created an unbalanced economy in 22 years in office by taking care of a few only, not knowing not only the natives, Indians and Chinese are poor but too many Malays are poor and hungry too.

The few malays who are rich, including Dr. Mahathir's children should teach people how to be rich, but until now, they had done nothing or very little. They had been too busy to make themselves to be richer.

Many poor and hungry malays are putting the blame on Dr. Mahathir now.

Of course the Indians and Chinese had put this blame on him long ago. Many migrated and moved their business empire overseas. The Chinese could survive in any part of the world as long as there is water and sunlight. Chinese, which account for 20% of world's population, could easily find help to survive among their own people in any part of the world.

But, most Chinese still want to stay in Malaysia because they believe they must make Malaysia their home and help Malaysia.

Of course, the cry of Balik Tongsan by some politicians irked many Chinese and many went back to China to do business there. Although they operated from China, they never forgot Malaysia as their families,relatives and friends here.

The Indians, if forced by circumstances, can migrate and seek help from people in their motherland, India to survive. After all, India is one of the world's largest economy and they are brilliant people. They have top scientists, economists, lawyers, and entrepreneurs in the world. United States' Biden Administration recognised their talents and many of them are holding important posts in Biden's government now. Some of them are in Biden's Cabinet.

Now, what should the natives do in Malaysia, especially, natives of Sabah and Sarawak? Are you going to sit tight and watch the Ketuanan Melayu playing music for you? In Sarawak, you are the majority and you should pick up your terabai (shield) to defend yourselves. Of course, you have, according to an iban author, a broken shield now, but this should not stop or discourage you to defend yourselves. I believe your broken shield is still useful, if used properly. After all, you all are brave people and without you, Malaya could not see peace. Your bravely saw you being sent by the British to defend Malaya. Many of your people lost their lives in Malaya with some not being brought home - buried at the roadside, until some noise been made about this some years ago.

Where Malaysia is heading now? Still want to cling on Ketuanan Melayu?

If Malaysia wants to be prosperous, move ahead and be competitive in world market, the first thing is to get rid of Malay privileges as mentioned in the federal constitution and to dismantle all economic policies favoring the malays only.

These economic policies did not benefit the majority of the malays, but a few only.

The malays in Sarawak got some crumbs. Maybe this was because their malay language is different from the malay language of Malayan malays.

A caring government should remember that robbers are few, but the hungry and poor are plenty.

Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang

07 February 2021

翻译 Translator

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