Voon Lee Shan

No one should be allowed to go out during the lockdown unnecessarily. Relaxation for going out to purchase food, medicines and other necessities should be shortened to a few hours only, preferably not more than four hours on certain days only.

We should not wait for the vaccine at the moment and the vaccine is not the answer because it was proven complete lockdown was effective to fight Covid-19.

We had been fighting Covid-19 since early 2020 and the uncontrolled Covid-19 was due to indecisiveness of the government to fight this war. We cannot fight Covid-19 half heartedly with one side thinking of measures on how to save the economy while on one side on how to save life caused by Covid-19.

No one had died because economy being hurt by Covid-19 but we have people dying every day caused by Covid-19.

The government should not be too protective about the economy as life of citizens are more important than our economy. Without people there will be no economy.

Sarawak has the fund and and the fund should during total lockdown be used to help the jobless, the poor, lower income groups, SMEs and for the purchase of the vaccine direct from the manufacturer.

Why should we beg from Putrajaya to give any green light to purchase and from whom and when to purchase? GPS government is the king maker but should not be a lame duck when dealing with Putrajaya. Putrajaya had taken a lot of our oil money and taxes and should vomit out to save Sarawak.

Petronas had made lots of money from Sarawak's oil and gas should come and help Sarawak too. Why Petronas is too quiet about this? Petronas should know without oil and gas from Sabah and Sarawak, Petronas could not be top 500 companies in the world.

Besides from government clinics and hospitals, the government should make the vaccine available from all private clinics and hospitals. Army doctors should also be mobilized to help government doctors and nurses in the fight against Covid-19. Army should be used to transport those who suffered from Covid-19 attack be moved for quarantine and treatment.

No one should need to register for vaccination and wait for their turn to be vacinnated. The present procedure requiring registration for vaccination should be scrapped!

Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang.

3 June 2021

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