VoonLeeShan PhotoMalaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) was a political deception carefully crafted by the British and Tunku Abdul Rahman to hand over Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak as a gift by the British to enlarge Malaya in 1963.

VoonLSWe have never been an independent state since 1946 after Sarawak and Sabah were annexed and made Crown Colonies by the United Kingdom along with Singapore.

Voonls4Nov22After the 2nd World War, the United Nations being mindful and conscious of human rights and the need for peaceful and friendly relations between people based on universal respect for the principles of equal rights, freedom and self-determination of all peoples in the world, passed and adopted on 14 December 1960 General Assembly Resolution 1514 of the right to self-determination.


Malaysia needs an effective government agency to fight corruption. Stiff penalty alone against offenders is not enough. The law should broaden its nets to catch other acts that gives "free lunch" to people by politicians and governments.

VoonLeeShan PhotoThanks to members of the press who covered the decision or news on the MA63 Suit yesterday. To Sarawakians and Sabahans who followed the news we also thank you for your interest in this suit. We know it was tough to get court to buy our argument but we have achieved our purpose.

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Parti Bumi Kenyalang is a multi-racial political party in Sarawak and having an achievable mission :"IN QUEST OF INDEPENDENCE".

We plan to field 82 candidates in the coming Sarawak Election. We are not taking any donations but your gifts in appreciation of our struggles are appreciated. 

肯雅兰全民党是砂拉越的多元种族政党,其使命是可实现的:“追求独立之路”。我们计划在即将到来的砂拉越大选中派出82名候选人,因此我们需要砂拉越人民和海外支持者在经济上以财礼(gift) 方式来支援我们。

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