Thanks to members of the press who covered the decision or news on the MA63 Suit yesterday. To Sarawakians and Sabahans who followed the news we also thank you for your interest in this suit. We know it was tough to get court to buy our argument but we have achieved our purpose.

We thank the learned Judicial Commissioner YA Alexander Siew for his patience and guidance to the legal team for the Plaintiffs in ensuring the case went on smoothly during arguments before him. We know MA63 Suit is not easy for any judge to handle because of too many novel issues of law involved.

With the reporting in the press to say fraud and misrepresentation were involved in the formation of Malaysia is a message we wanted all Sarawakians and Sabahans to know that in our humble opinion and from records we have, we had been "cheated" of our motherland, marine wealth, oil and gas resources in which we have sought to take them back by seeking the court to look into the matter. For these reasons PBK was supportive of the plaintiffs to have these matters settled before the court.

The fact that the court had ruled that only the state government of Sarawak has the locus standi to seek the nullification of the Malaysia Agreement 1963(MA63) is now clear that the ball is at the feet of the Sarawak government to pursue the matter in court to seek court to nullify MA63. The Sarawak government being the trustee or custodian of people's rights and natural resources of Sarawak should pursue the rights of people of Sarawak.

There is no reason for Sarawak losing her marine wealth, oil and gas resources to the federal government under the Petroleum Development Act 1974 and under laws passed in parliament.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang regrets that the current Sarawak government under GPS had decided not to support the plaintiffs' case but together with the federal government had sought to strike out the case of the plaintiffs.

PBK also expressed its regret that the Sarawak Advocates Association did not send any representative for watching brief of this MA63 case. This is a case of public interest which affects millions of Sarawakians and Sabahans but Sarawak Advocates Association had not appeared to follow the proceedings. We believe that being lawyers and Sarawakians themselves, the members of the Sarawak Advocates Association should have shown special interest in the suit.

I was asked by members of the public why Sarawak Advocates Association had no representatives attending the court proceedings but I have to say that Sarawak Advocates Association could have known of the proceedings before the court.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

26 May 2023

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