Sarawak has lost all her local banks after a policy to have the banks merged with bigger banks. Now Sarawak pride on the success of KK Mart Convenience Store founded by a Sarawakian Dato Seri KK Chai. KK Mart is a success story and should not caused by current politicisng of the "Allah socks" be forced to close down.

With the recent uproar of the few pairs of these ALLAH socks, some politicians and activists are bent to see KK Mart be closed down.

Since KK Mart which has 881 outlets in the country is a business founded by a Sarawakian, Parti Bumi Kenyalang urge the Sarawak govenment to intervene to ensure that the matter would not damage KK Mart. The state government must see that KK Mart being a Sarawak based business should be supported by the Sarawak govenment to spread its influence to Malaya.

One should not discount the possibility of sabotage against KK Mart by business rivals or religious extremists to destroy a flourishing businesses from Sarawak.

After losing the local banks, Sarawak should not see KK Mart be destroyed.

Police is urged not to allow politicians and activists to stir up hate against this convenience store chain as it can affect the economy and cause workers to lose the jobs.

Now it seems some people groups of people are behaving like law enforcement officers, prosecutor and judge without disregard to professionals who are empowered to do the job.

Such behaviour of a few can have negative image against law enforcement agencies

Police should also cause those who created hate against the convenient store be investigated under Sedition Act 1948 .

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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