"We need to clarify that PBK could not have any ties with PKR simply on the ground that, PKR being a political party from Malaya doesn’t share the struggles of PBK."

It is a shock to read that Parti Bumi Kenyalang has ties with PKR and that PBK has a joint statement with PKR concerning the appointment of Sarawak Governor(TYT) – see Dayak Daily January 24, 2024 & Utusan Borneo Online 25 January, 2024.

It was said that this was mentioned in a social media that belonged to PBK. PKR should clarify with us about this before going to the press. We need to clarify that there are many supporters or distractors who used our PBK name and logo without our permission in social media which we could not control. PBK deny responsibilities concerning these postings in the social media.

We need to clarify that PBK could not have any ties with PKR simply on the ground that, PKR being a political party from Malaya doesn’t share the struggles of PBK.

It is not in the interest of Sarawak if PBK is to work with PKR because PKR is a party from Malaya. Therefore the statement or news that PBK and PKR had made a joint statement concerning the appointment of the Governor of Sarawak is mischievous with intention to create confusion among Sarawakians.

Public is also being informed that PBK had never contacted PKR or its leaders concerning any press statement or discussions concerning the appointment of the Sarawak Governor. This is because we know well that given the present political scenario, PKR will not agree that the appointment be given to a Dayak or rather is not concern about this matter because as mentioned by themselves to the press they never discussed about this matter in their party. Please see the Borneo Post Online dated January 25, 2024.

PBK is fighting for Sarawak independence while PKR being a party from Malaya had never been close to us about PBK’s struggles. None of their leaders at national or at state levels ever had any communications with PBK about any political matters affecting Sarawak. Even if they wish to approach us, PBK would find it difficult to work with political parties from Malaya. This is because we would feel that to work with a political party from Malaya could be seen that PBK is in support of “looting” or the taking by Malaya of Sarawak’s rights and natural resources.

PBK is concern that if the selection and appointment of the Governor has to bypass the Sarawak Legislature, this is against democratic norm and an abuse of democracy. PBK is also concern that the Sarawak constitution allows any citizens of the federation who are not Sarawakians to be appointed as Governor. The constitution has to be amended to allow only Sarawak born citizens to be appointed to hold this post.

PBK’s stand is that natural resources of Sarawak belong to Sarawak and should not be shared or be taken by the federal government in which, we also doubt PKR will agree. So how could PBK able to work with PKR?

President, Parti Bumi Kenyalang.

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