Voonls4Nov22Hitting PBK and their members below the belt by you accusing us that way instead of debating on issues affecting the livelihood and well-being of people shows that you are empty tins and not able to solve problems affecting people and country, Sarawak. Each elections come, your empty tin becomes louder and louder to the extent of telling voters you will seal our roads and drains with gold, jade and diamonds.

But what we found are dangerous pot holes, diversions and ravines along Pan Borneo Highway that are perfect traps to cause accidents and taking lives of Sarawakians travelling on the road.

Please provide proof of your insinuation that PBK and their candidates had received money from GPS to contest in elections otherwise your insinuation is defamatory and that PBK will take legal action against you. Don't go by unclear statements by insinuations to hit us.

The common feature of democracy is freedom of speech including freedom to criticize political opponents irregardless you are the government of the day or not.

I understand that there are some supporters and leaders in the DAP that are not happy when I pointed out about the failure of DAP to fulfill the promises to increase the oil royalty to 20% and the return of 50% of all revenues collected from Sarawak in their manifesto during the last general election.

I am criticizing the sheer incompetence of you and your party. You were part of a very strong federal government. In fact you were the political party that commanded the most seats (42) and yet you had failed to do adequately protect Sarawak, restore or give back to Sarawak what Sarawak should deserve. Sarawak deserves more than you thought of.

When referring to the 20% oil royalty in Pakatan Harapan manifesto, Lim Guan Eng said,

"You are looking at funds of RM150 billion, which is not a small sum.This has definitely posed a challenge for the implementing our promises"

May DAP be informed that DAP and Pakatan Harapan are being criticized by voters as hypocrites when you promised the sky and did not deliver by justifying that you had too little time to fulfill your promises by telling citizens your manifesto is not a bible.

Tommy Thomas, the Attorney General appointed by your Pakatan Harapan government had said to restore 20% oil royalty is as easy as pie but there was not enough political will. What was DAP and Pakatan Harapan been doing then?

Lim Guan Eng of DAP who was also the finance minister then pressured an unwilling Tommy Thomas to defend Petronas in a petroleum sales tax claim by Sarawak. Where were Sarawak DAP MP and what was their stand at that time?

They call me and my comrades in PBK as frogs?

They are in what Chinese idiom says, the turtle that shrink their heads, (缩头乌龟. Are they not cowards by not speaking for Sarawak or by not fulfilling the pledges in their manifesto? Are they not like empty tins that made lots of noise only?

PBK had at all material times criticized both GPS and DAP and or any other party that tried or had not done the right thing to Sarawak. I have criticized GPS as recent as, 18.10.2022, 17.10.2022, 20.10.2022,23.10.2022 and yet you had deliberately and maliciously ignored these and accused me that I have taken their money.

You know very well PAS wanted hudud. Had you never worked with PAS?. Following your argument does it mean you wanted hudud as well??? You DAP Secretary-General had voiced out the possibility of working with UMNO or any other political parties. Are you not aware UMNO has many now under investigation and or being charged in court? Are you supporting or fighting against corruption? What charges your Lim Guan Eng are alleged of?

Are you wanting to support hudud law that allows the chopping of hands and limbs?

PBK is a self funded party who fights for Sarawak sovereignty and independence. Our stance had never changed.

Most of us have to make ends meet in ordinary days. But no one can question our passion, dignity and loyalty to Sarawak. Our last election was solely funded by party members and supporters who wanted to set Sarawak free.

I’m proud of them.

But what is the stance of DAP when their leaders had stated they are willing and open to work with GPS and UMNO to form the government? They know clearly that GPS had failed Sarawak in many ways and many in UMNO are suspected to be corrupt.

My fellow Sarawakians, remember that this is a precious opportunity to make your voice heard. We have enough of being marginalized and oppressed by Malayans, agents of Malayans including Sarawakians who are lackey of Malayans.

All candidates in Sarawak are Sarawakians but what matters most is to vote for a warrior that fights for Sarawak!

I believe our PBK voice will roar louder than any of you from Sarawak if we are elected as members of Parliament.

Voon Lee Shan
President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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