VoonLeeShan PhotoThe Constitution allows the practice of democracy but by calling PBK not to contest in the Jepak By-election shows that PBB and GPS are moving towards dictatorship. They are in control of nearly all the 82 seats in DUN and with PSB merging with PDP soon, Sarawak will have no local party as mouth piece for the people of Sarawak.

Since PBB and GPS are in control of DUN, the DUN is now a rubber stamp to pass all policies and laws that can affect the rights of the Sarawak people.

Since PBB and GPS are already in control of DUN, why not allow PBK to have a voice to represent the people?

A country cannot be ruled by a group of dictators because it will result in tyranny.

Our fear is that with their control of DUN PBB and GPS may indiscriminately amend the SARAWAK Constitution to turn the office of governor or TYT to SULTAN. As we all know a Sultan has to be a Muslim and this will not augur well with a multicultural and multiracial Sarawakian society. PBB and GPS must understand, the Dayaks are the largest group in Sarawak. For this reason, we should no allowed DUN be used to bulldoze laws and policies that can affect Sarawak people anyhow.

Be reminded that the aspirations of the people to have better infrastructure and development of local economy could not be better served unless SARAWAK is independent from the federation of Malaysia. If SARAWAK is an independent nation, Sarawak will have the full right to control its own destiny.

PBB and GPS had been harping on infrastructure and development in all past elections but this same song is also sung in Jepak By-election.

As it is now, SARAWAK has to beg for better autonomy and fund from Malaya or the federal government. Why for the past many decades PBB since Malaysia came into existence could not provide the much needed infrastructure for the people? Even if PBB/GPS lost in Jepak, they can still provide infrastructure to Jepak because the are in control of the government.

Voon Lee Shan
President Parti Bumi Kenyalang
23 October 2023

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