Voon L SDuring the nomination for the Jepak By-election at Dewan Suarah Bintulu some PBB and GPS leaders thrown insult by calling Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) a mosquito/ant party and urge PBK to withdraw from contesting as it's a waste of money and time to contest.

It is a sad thing that our party was insulted that way by the Premier Abang Johari Tun Openg too. He should be sympathetic to small political parties like us and fight in the elections on even field. Their display of manpower and and financial resources in mobilization of their party members and supporters of a few thousand people to the nomination centre was awesome. We only have a handful people around to cheer our candidate, Stevenson Anak Joseph Sumbang at the nomination centre yesterday.

Such an open insult by the premier in a video affects the dignity of people of Sarawak because being in power this should not come from a leader like him. The call of Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Abdillah Yusuf calling small parties to withdraw from the elections is a display of arrogance. Likewise, it is a display of arrogance by the deputy premier Datuk Awang Tengah when questioning small political parties like PBK contesting in this Jepak By-election.

The insult is not only against the party, but, is also against our party leaders, members and citizens of Sarawak. Their display of arrogance is their business but the insult pricked our dignity and dignity of common citizens of Sarawak, who seeks better democracy, justice and independence from the federation of Malaysia.

I urge party members and supporters and fellow Sarawakians, to stay cool and not to take heed of the insult against us. We need to know our religion does not teach us to insult or look down on the weak and the oppressed. Our religion teaches us to be caring and sympathetic to people, even to our enemies.

Although PBB and GPS at the moment is strong but we should not discount the impossibility of PBB and GPS will not fall one day. Even the Roman Empire could collapse.

PBK is a legitimate political party and we have a legal right to fight elections and to win seats and to form the government and to bring Sarawak out from colonization of Malaya.

We know, being a small and new party, it takes time for us to grow and to win seats. I hope the voters in Jepak understand our position and I plead voters in Jepak not to let us lose badly in the By-election.

Be it known, PBK has a mission to set Sarawak free and independent from colonialism and imperialism of Malaya. GPS
had never supported PBK's move to set Sarawak free and independent from MALAYSIA and infact, the Sarawak government, which is currently under GPS, opposed our Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) Suit recently which sought to declare the MA63 null and void. If the high court could declare MA63 as null and void, this would mean, MALAYSIA has to disintegrate or Sarawak can leave Malaysia.

Malaya took Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore under Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63) from the United Kingdom to enlarge her territories on 16 September 1963. Malaya then renamed herself as Malaysia. The notice of change of name from malaya to Malaysia was done by a letter addressed to the United Nations Secretariat by Dato Ong Yoke Lin of Malaya.

Voon Lee Shan
President Parti Bumi Kenyalang
22 Oct 2023

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