Voon Lee Shan Views on !2 Malaysia PlanThe proposal for Sarawak of a allocation of RM400 billion by the federal government for 12th Malaysia is a huge increase from the 11th Malaysia Plan of RM248.5 billion. Sarawakians should not put much trust on this allocation because records in the past 58 years had shown the federal government had never been sincere and never cared Sarawak much.

This huge allocation which nearly doubled the allocation for 11th Malaysia Plan could be a ploy to cool down the anger of Sarawak’s people of the ill treatments Sarawak had in the hands of the federal government. Sarawakians are angry now and spear headed by Parti Bumi Kenyalang, had demanded for independence from the Federation of Malaysia. The voices of anger is louder each day.

Sarawakians are urged to rise up and keep on putting pressure on the GPS government to demand for more benefits for Sarawak while at the same time push for independence from Malaysia.

If the federal government is since to take care of Sarawak, the federal government can do it now in parliament by repealing the Petroleum Development 1974 (PDA74), The Seas Territorial Act 2012 and the Continental Shelf Act 1966 and to return all our oil and gas resources back to Sarawak.

Petronas should stop to extract our oil and gas immediately.

Only by repealing all these Acts and stopping Petronas to extract our oil and gas could we see some sincerity from the federal government to help Sarawak.

At the same time, the federal government should no more collect taxes from Sarawak. It is justified that no more taxes should be collected from Sarawak because Sarawak had for the past 58 years had given much of her wealth to develop Malaya.

If the federal government is sincere to develop Sarawak, the federal government should now allocate funds to repair all dilapidated schools and to improve infrastructures in Sarawak. All federal government officers should be withdrawn from Sarawak as soon as possible and be filled by Sarawakians.

The federal government should restore Sarawak Rangers and Sarawak Constabulary as soon as possible.

Without all these done, Sarawakians should not place much hope on federal government's sweet talk to help Sarawak.

If Sarawak wants to be developed on par at least like MALAYA, Sarawak has no choice but, like Singapore, to set herself free and independent from the federation of Malaysia

Voon Lee Shan
Parti Bumi Kenyalang



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