Voonls Ps2sep21Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK) is serious to capture the Sarawak government in the coming 12th Sarawak Election. We believe that Sarawak should be set free and independent after 58 years in Malaysia.

There is no reason for Sarawak to be dragged in to pay for the corruption, pilferage and debts created by the inefficiencies of the federal cabinet ministers, of which, the majority of these ministers are Malayans.

The union with Malaya is a failure and we see Sarawak being oppressed and suppressed by the federal government. There is no reason we should help to shoulder all the corruption and debts created by them.

There is nothing good for Sarawak to stay longer in the federation when Sarawak’s oil and gas been taken away by the federal government. Sarawak also lost huge revenues from taxes collected by the federal government. Sarawak also lost her marine wealth and sea territories to the federal government.

It is estimated that Sarawak lost about RM300 billion a year of her wealth. What Sarawak could get was always less than RM5 billion as development fund in annual budget passed by parliament. This is utterly not fair to Sarawak. Such a small budget will never make Sarawak a developed region in Malaysia.

The small budget is only good for the GPS government to reseal some roads and for some projects to please the voters in the hope to stay in power in coming Sarawak elections. Should Sarawakians be pleased with these? If we are independent, with our wealth, Sarawak could be a very developed country.

Enough is enough and it is time that Sarawakians have to think and decide to release this beloved Sarawak from imperialism and colonialism of Malaya. We had been promised by Tunku Abdul Rahman with equal partnership but it turned out that Sarawak was acquired on 16 September 1963 by Malaya to enlarge Malaya’s territories.

Malaya then changed her name to Malaysia and for this reason, it is hard to believe that Sarawak is not a colony of Malaya or been treated as such. Being acquired as a colony or been acquired to enlarge Malaya, how could it be possible to amend the federal constitution to give equal rights to Sarawak?

For the coming 12th Sarawak Elections, PBK eyes to contest all 82 seats. We shall parade a strong team of professionals. In our team there are professors, engineers, lawyers, educationists, agriculturists and healthcare professionals. We have many who are from the oil and gas industries joining our team because they felt painful over the loss of our oil and gas each day being extracted by Petronas to fill the federal coffers to develop Malaya.

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Parti Bumi Kenyalang is a multi-racial political party in Sarawak and having an achievable mission :"IN QUEST OF INDEPENDENCE".

We plan to field 82 candidates in the coming Sarawak Election. We are not taking any donations but your gifts in appreciation of our struggles are appreciated. 

肯雅兰全民党是砂拉越的多元种族政党,其使命是可实现的:“追求独立之路”。我们计划在即将到来的砂拉越大选中派出82名候选人,因此我们需要砂拉越人民和海外支持者在经济上以财礼(gift) 方式来支援我们。

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