Voon Lee ShanElections fraud occurs in most countries and one should not discount that this could not happen in Malaysia. A joint study of the voters’ rolls by electoral reform groups Bersih and Engage recently disclosed it was found more than 500,000 cases of voters registered with the same address, while more than two million were found to have no address. Many who were still on the register rolls could be already dead too – source Reuters May 3, 2018

Members of the public are advised to check with the Elections Commission of their names in the electoral rolls.

If you had never been registered as a voter before, but found your name been registered as a voter without your consent, you are to lodge a complaint to Elections Commission immediately and at the same time to lodge a police report for investigation.

To my shock, when checking registration of voters in Kpg. Simpok in Mambong constituency yesterday on 25 September, 2021 my team were told by some members of the public in Kpg. Simpok, that they never were registered as voters before, but, found that they had been registered as voters without their knowledge or consent.

The need for members of they public to complain to the Elections Commission and to lodge police report is because, although they never been registered as voters, there is nothing to prevent their names be used for voting by unscrupulous people, especially to do postal voting. This could result in false elections result whereby a genuine winner could be deprived of victory.

If you have been registered in your constituency but found your voting station been moved to a different constituency you should also lodge a complaint to the Elections Commission besides lodging a police report for investigation. By moving you out of your constituency could be a strategy to prevent you from voting. To prevent you from voting is also against your constitutional right to vote. Members of the public are also advised to check with the electoral rolls from time to make sure that your names are in the rolls and not been removed before elections.

Members of the public are also advised not to release your identity card to any person before or during elections day because you could be deprived of your voting right to vote. If this happens, you are to report the matter to police immediately.

Please do not take these matters lightly because these are fraud.

If it happens that you know people are already dead but their names are still appearing on the electoral rolls, you are also requested to lodge police reports and to inform the Elections Commission so that no one could use their names to vote. Members of the public are also to keep watch for same name registered in more than one constituency in the electoral rolls. Such a registration could, besides using fake identity cards, perhaps, be done, if separate temporary identity cards based on the same police report be used.

President, Parti Bumi Kenyalang

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