PH government had lowered the voting age to 18 years old and it now works against PH itself. UNDI-18 has become a sword by certain groups for their end.

If not careful these groups can penetrate secular society especially in Sarawak with their ideology to change their lifestyle.

UNDI-18 was exploited well by PAS. PAS has many religious schools and many of their students are below 20 years old and as young as twelve years old. The ULAMAS in PAS and USTAZ from UMNO are teachers in these religious schools and was able to exert much influence on young people who to vote.

Being close to their religious teachers who guided their spiritual needs, it would be natural that these young people would be easily influenced by these PAS and UMNO religious teachers.

These ULAMAS and USTAZ will influence their lives from young age to voting age to support their ideologies.

Never underestimate the power of religious schools run by PAS and USTAZ. They normally don't collect much fee from their students.

Now with PAS having the most seats in parliament, PAS can influence the government to impose their Islam values and lifestyle over other non Muslims.

In elections to come, slowly Malaysia will be captured by PAS with PAS controlling the government and with Malaysia having PAS as Prime Minister. Once PAS holds PM post and its a PAS government the fear is that MALAYSIA could be turned into an Islamic state like Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Infact Dr. Mahathir had declared when he was the Prime Minister in his 22-years rule that Malaysia as an Islamic state. He said it again when he was again made Prime Minister during the short 22-months rule of Pakatan Harapan.

The only solution for Sarawak and Sarawakians who want to maintain Sarawak as a secular state in this multi-religious, multi-cultural and multi-language Sarawak, free from Islamic influence and unjust policies by UMNO and PAS is to exit from the federation of Malaysia peacefully and by legal means as fast as possible.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang

23 November 2022

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