The SARAWAK government on 19 May 2023 has in the press announced a proposal to issue a "Sarawakpass", which seems is a digital identification to replace mykad. This Sarawakpass digital ID will be used for various dealings with the government, public transport, payment, buying and selling and for various other daily affairs of the people.

Of course, this digital ID will also be directly related to digital money.

This Sarawakpass is a " virtual pass". It means no card ( only virtual card)

The question is, if there is no card, how will this digital ID work?

All this time, we had been using mykad, bank cards and other cards with microchips for daily business. The issuance for this Sarawakpass digital ID is for the reason of " security" and to facilitate the daily affairs of the people.

The direction towards issuance of Sarawakpass gives rise to suspicion that all features of this digital ID is with the aim to issue biometric digital ID which is a "MICROCHIP" placed under the skin of all individuals. This is why a digital ID does not need a physical card.

The SARAWAK government is reminded that Christians have fear and may be against the implantation of nano particles/nanochips which is also seen as a component of digital ID.

This is because the nanochips implantation into the body of people could be used to control people and their movements and is therefore, demonic. The implantation of nanochips in the bodies of human beings are considered as "mark of the beast" as mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the Bible and is towards worshipping Lucifer, not God.

The implantation of nanochips is towards "one world government, one world order", planned by the elites. There will be no more democracy and very little freedom and people could easily be controlled through the chips planted into the body.

Once implanted into the bodies, there is nothing to prevent the government to control individuals by computer through 5G/6G system frequency beams. The human brains will be controlled by the computer In this way, human commonsense will be eliminated by the computers.

I would suggest and urge the SARAWAK government to re-consider carefully about this plan for Sarawakpass.

The Sarawak government is also reminded that citizens have a right to choose under democracy and a move towards virtual chips should not be implemented, especially, if persons of Christian faith refuse to accept it.

Citizens are reminded the government can always by way of legislations, force the implantation of nanochips into the body of persons.

What Sarawak government should consider is not SarawakPass which can lead towards virtual card, but, the issue of Sarawak identity.

Sarawak identity card should also be issued to cover all natural born sarawakians but who could not be registered as Malaysian citizens.

President Parti Bumi Kenyalang
21 October 2023

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