Sarawak Parti Bumi Kenyalang central committee Treasurer Tiew Yen Houng emphasized that in the period of the coronavirus pandemic, to revitalize the national economy, the priority should be to control the pandemic so as to create an economic environment that attracts investors.

She is worried about the Perikatan Nasional government’s intention to implement the Condition Movement Control Order (CMCO) after the end of the Movement Control Order (MCO) on February 4, and she believes that it may lead a severe situation of disaster, destroying both national economy and People’s lives.

"I am a businessman engaged in business activities and have a good understanding of investment. It is common sense that no domestic and foreign investor is willing to invest money in a country or region where the epidemic is still severe, even if the policies are favorable, it will be unattractive."

She believes that the Perikatan Nasional government intends to implement CMCO on February 4, or, as the social media has rumored, it is more for political reasons and it is unwilling to close the city despite of pandemic with the aim to obtain economic growth to stabilize own position politically. However, this is wishful thinking, because if a place is severely affected, even if it is reopened, investors will not enter. Therefore, in order to rejuvenate the economy and prosper the country, the first and foremost key is still to control the epidemic and give the people and investors peace of mind.

What's more, once the control of the Covid 19 pandemic is loosened, the people's vigilance will relax, or the pandemic may become more serious, and the impact on the economy and business will be greater. She said that before the vaccine has been widely applied to the people and proved effective, it is worrying to relax the pandemic control.

Therefore, she believes that if the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for Covid 19 pandemic prevention cannot be more effective, and the people's mentality of cautious prevention of pandemics has not been strengthened and changed, lockdown of the town or city should be the most effective way.

"Of course, cracking down on corruption and abuse of power is also an important action to revitalize the economy. It is impossible for foreign investors to come to a country full of corruption and invest in it, unless they have other intentions. Because no one wants to let their investment money shrinked owing to corruption and abuse of power

"During the Pakatan Harapan government in 2018, the people originally expected that the reformed economy would be better. Regrettably, the reforms were not implemented, and the economy was getting worse and worse. Nowadays, due to the new Covid 19 pandemic, the economy has become deteriorated further."

She agreed with the decision to extend Sibu’s MCO to February 14, because the pandemic in Sibu is still very severe and must not be taken lightly, especially since the Pasai infection has spread to Panjang, Kaanayt, Sangzhen, Kapit, and Shibu. Langou, Trat, and even other parts of Sarawak, therefore, temporary closure of the city will be more effective in ensuring the health and safety of the people.

She believes that the gregarious and communal lifestyle of the Dayak tribe is the reason for the new and rapid outbreak of the virus in Sarawak. In the long house, if someone is diagnosed, the virus will easily spread due to frequent close-contact among people in the long house.

"The Sarawak government should learn from the painful lessons of the Pasai cluster infection incident and adopt more effective methods to stop the spread of the virus. This includes notifying the Dayak communities of all related longhouses in various regions the seriousness of the situation. During this extraordinary period, do not attend any communal activities in the infected area."

Due to the seriousness of the Sibu epidemic, the four existing isolation treatment centers are already overcrowded and lack of hospital beds. She urged the general public to take the epidemic seriously and stop thinking that the virus is impossible to infect you and you are not that unlicky.

Take precautions, wear a mask correctly, wash your hands diligently when you go out, and strictly abide by the standard operating procedures (SOP) for pandemic prevention to ensure that you will not be infected.

She said that one of the important reasons for the outbreak is that the speed of finding the people contacted by the confirmed cases is too slow. It usually takes the third day to find them. These people have already contacted many people and visited many places. Once confirmed, the spread of the virus will spread with close-contact like wild-fire, making it more difficult to control.

Tiew Yen Houng said that the Sarawak Health Department's action to track contacts of confirmed cases needs to be accelerated, especially in today's society, because of the convenience of transportation, the flow of population is faster and the area involved is also larger. We don't want to see that when the frontline personnel tracking the confirmed person, and these confirmed person are still roaming outside.

She described asymptomatic infections as the most serious challenge to the control of the epidemic, because these people do not know that they are infected and continue to carry out daily activities and contact many people causing more infection in the communities.

"In order to prevent such incidents from happening to us, I encourage the people, especially those who have visited places where the confirmed person has stayed, to go for tests on their own for their own health sake."

"I am a businesswoman myself. It is undeniable that businessmen complained and suffered tremendous pressure and pain during the pandemic. However, I believe that though business is important, life is more valuable because business can be rebuilt but life cannot.

She pointed out that because of the pandemic, it will greatly affect Chinese working or studying in overseas or outstation. In the upcoming Lunar New Year, choosing not to return to their hometown for the New Year is inevitable. The impact on the local business and economy is inevitable. It is necessary to adopt more effective countermeasures to reduce the negative effects and face the challenge of this difficult time.

According to data released by the Ministry of Health, Sibu has become the town with the highest death rate of the Covid 19. As the death toll continues to increase, the public has panicked. Tiew once again appealed to the general public to stay at home if possible. Those who have to work and go out to purchase necessities should take preventive measures, strictly abide by the SOP, and protect themselves and their families!


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