The Kenyan National Party begged the Sarawak government to request the federal government to allocate a 10% share (RM26 billion) of the federal economic stimulus funds of 260 billion ringgit to the Sarawak government for award to Sarawakians.


The power to alienate land lies with the Sarawak State Government(SSG). This power is in the Sarawak Land Code. SSG can alienate land to any company and individuals.

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不久前,联邦政府一方面宣布了延长管制令(MCO),然而另一方面国际贸易和工业新部长拿督斯里·穆罕默德·阿兹明·阿里(Dato Seri Mohamad Azmin Ali)宣布了允许在关键领域某些中小企业可以开始营业。

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Not long ago there was an announcement of MCO’s extension by the Federal Government on one hand and then followed by the announcement of certain SMEs in key areas allowed to open for business by the new Minister for International Trade and Industry Dato Seri Mohamad Azmin Ali on the other hand?

一方面,联邦政府宣布延长行动控制命令(MCO),另一方面,新任国际贸易和工业部长拿督斯里·穆罕默德·阿兹明·阿里宣布允许重点地区的某些中小企业开业, 引起了极大的混乱。 行动控制命令(MCO)的延长是意味着大流行的新冠肺炎病毒(Covid-19)尚未受到控制,曲线也没有变平。 即使局势趋于平缓,也必须有一段时间来监视和确保该国安全。

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肯雅兰全民党是砂拉越的多元种族政党,其使命是可实现的:“追求独立之路”。我们计划在即将到来的砂拉越大选中派出82名候选人,因此我们需要砂拉越人民和海外支持者在经济上以财礼(gift) 方式来支援我们。

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