Same issue during BN Government era it was a BIG issue and now under PH government same old story is no longer an issue and challenge is dropped and issue forgotten.

This is from the Borneo Post, May 3, 2016. 
When is DAP going to annul the 1976 constitutional amendment? When is LGE@BullMan going to do what he asked of Najib? And when is Chong WU Sangui going to tell his leader to annul that 1976 constitutional amendment? Is it no longer important and valid? Were they just trying to get Sarawakians and Sabahans hot under the collar, and to cast their votes for them, and now that they have won and secured those votes, they are casting Sarawakians and Sabahans adrift? 
DAP is full of liars who only used and mainipulate people for THEIR own interests - WU Sanguis to the core!!!

-- Loong Wong

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