Building schools for Sarawak is the responsibility of the federal government and there is no need for the Sarawak government to surrender or transfer any land for the purpose of school buildings to the Federal Land Commissioner. The Sarawak government needs only tell the federal government to build them.

We should see this as as a bully and a land grab strategy by the federal government. There are instances of land in the past been alienated to the federal government but remained undeveloped. In all federal projects in Sarawak, no land should be surrendered to the federal government. If the federal government is sincere to help Sarawak, why not just develop the land allocated to it. Are we going to surrender or transfer the Pan Borneo Highway to the federal government just because funds for building the Pan Borneo Highway came from the federal government?

A huge piece of land somewhere in Telaga Air, Kuching, which was supposed for government office complex had been left idle for more than twenty years. The land should be taken back, if not done. What would happen if the federal government will just turn land alienated to the federal government as federal territories?

The Sarawak government should see that before taxes are to be remitted into federal treasury, all taxes have to pass through the Sarawak Treasury first. If not, Sarawak will forever have no control of taxes collected from the state. Without able to control the taxes collected, would make Sarawak forever a beggar for federal fund to develop schools and other infrastructures in Sarawak.

Parti Bumi Kenyalang
11 March 2022

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