The government should not deny that there are side effects caused by vaccinations. There are many people who were healthy but, mysteriously paralyzed or died after vaccinations. There are reports and talks claiming that the vaccines are not safe. The effectiveness of the vaccines to combat Covid-19 also raised doubts among many members of public.

The government should come with a commitment to deny or to admit whether or not the vaccines are truly safe and effective. Perhaps a Royal Commission of Inquiry be set up and a report be compiled and investigations be made known for public knowledge.

To come with a threat to say that those who fail to get the booster jab before 1 April, 2022 will have their digital vaccination certificates revoked is against the right of choice of citizens. Vaccinations should not be forced on people as it tantamount to assault or battery. The government should not put its citizens to risks.

Instead of the vaccines, the government should look for alternative cures and measures to fight Covid-19.

There are too many people who are not suitable to be vaccinated for health and religious reasons and the government should give a clear directives to say that those who are not suitable to be vaccinated or booster jab be exempted from vaccination.

I have received too many calls of people expressing their fear about the safety of the vaccines. There are many reports which we can read online that governments are being sued by their citizens for probable covid-19 vaccinations.

Until recently, the Ministry of Health had received not less than 1,758 reports of adverse events following immunisation (AEFI) since the Covid-19 National Immunisation Programme (NIP) kicked off in February last year - – see February 24, 2022 New Straits Times.

This is an alarming high figure and this not a tragedy by a statistic to show that there could be truth that the vaccines are not suitable for Malaysians and alternative medicines and measures should be sought to combat Covid-19.

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